D-Day: America Invades

Like all wargames designed by Atomic Games, D-Day balances exceptional depth and historical accuracy with terrific graphics and a clean, easy-to-learn interface; even casual wargamers can get into this one. No other wargame to date is better at putting you in the thick of the most crucial moments of World War Two.

Ultimate Redstone Creations in Minecraft Games

For many, the great thing about Minecraft is that it has something for everyone. Whether you enjoy roaming around in creative mode and building huge structures or trying to stay alive in survival mode, there is always something to be enjoyed. Within survival mode itself, there are endless things to do but one of our favorites is playing around with redstone.

Essentially, redstone can be used for programming and setting up a variety of different systems within a world. With so many options, we have some machines and creations that you will find useful when you play Minecraft games!

- To start, let’s stay simple and easy in a transportation system. If you have different buildings in different locations and are bored of walking from one to the next, you could set up a little tram line and use a minecart to get from one to the next. Using simple redstone circuitry, you can travel your city or you could even send items inside the cart rather than walking back and forth.

Farms - Back in the day, farming would be a manual process of preparing the grass, planting a seed, and then maybe even using some bone meal to make it all grow faster. Much like real life, machinery is now taking over and you can create your very own self-harvesting farm with redstone.  Again, a fairly simple redstone circuit will see most of the farming process done automatically.

Dungeon Farms - Just as you can with a regular farm, you can automate your mob killing process through the use of a ‘farm’. When you come across a dungeon with a mob spawner, you should never destroy it completely because you can make use of it for an unending supply of goodies. Instead, place some torches around the outside of the spawner so that they stop spawning whilst you build.

Of all the creations we have, this could actually be the easiest as it doesn’t require too much redstone. Normally, mobs will die if they drown, fall a long way, burn from lava, or have a block placed on their head via a piston. Therefore, you can create a dungeon farm that makes use of this. Then, all you have to do is collect the bones, experience points, feathers, string, spider eyes, and more.

Traps - Sometimes, it can be impossible to avoid battle with other players or maybe you like to have battles with friends to see who can last the longest. If this is the case, redstone can be used for some very sneaky traps. Firstly, you can use a block update detector that goes on to ignite multiple blocks of TNT. Secondly, you could use a piston to power a bridge to stop the others from attacking. Thirdly, waves of explosives can be fired with the classic TNT cannon.

Defense - Finally, you can protect your home or yourself by using redstone. For example, you could build walls around your home that raise every night, traps could prevent mobs from getting near your home as you sleep, blocks could be placed in front of your door to keep your home a secret, and more. With these systems in place, you will stay protected from mobs and other players. If you have the automatic blocks in front of your door, or through using a lever, you can build your home into a mountain without anyone seeing a door and giving your home away!

The Beast WIthin - Another Look

Gabriel Knight searches for clues as he tries to get the jump on a pack of killer werewolves in The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery.

The New Year looks like it's going to be a terrific one for adventure fans, with titles like The Dig, Chronomaster, and Aliens heading our way. And then there's adventure giant Sierra On-Line...

Using full-motion video technology from their latest hit, Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria, the next chapter in the life of Gabriel Knight is revealed in The Beast Within. Gabriel, a novelist and Schattenjager (Shadow Hunter - sort of a supernatural bounty hunter), retires to his ancestral home Schloss Ritter in Rittersburg, Germany, to work on a new book. But he doesn't get much done before he's called upon to perform his anti-supernatural duties.

The story begins when a brutal series of murders occurs in Rittersburg. The townspeople, knowing Gabriel's knack for solving all things occult, call upon him to solve the mystery - because it looks like the crimes are being committed by werewolves!

Trophy Bass

Surely you've seen them. Those guys on cable TV. sitting in a boat, reeling in a big one, saying stuff to each other like, "Oh, he's got a lot of fight in him there, Jim."

At last count, there were 50 million people in this country like Jim who love to feel the tug on a rod. And now they've got their own computer game: Trophy Bass.

There are three sides to Trophy Bass. You can choose tackle, pick your bait, read the water, set the weather conditions, and then finesse your casting technique on one of five virtual lakes. Option two is to play in Tournament Mode and try your luck against conditions and competitors dished out by the computer.

Or you can get even more serious and watch the full motion video "how-to" section and pick up more than 100 nuggets of solid advice from America's top tournament bass fishermen.

Now, obviously, the Jims of the world are going to love this game, because playing can bring you more success out on the water. But, surprisingly, you don't have to know what a lunker bucketmouth is to get a charge out of Trophy Bass. As Jim would say, "It's a keeper."

Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within

The top two computer gaming magazines both named the first Gabriel Knight mystery the best adventure game of the year. Creator Jane Jensen might want to start dusting off her awards shelf again, as The Beast Within mixes a strange, new brew of mutilation murders, a centuries-old curse, and criminal misdeeds on multiple CDs.

Gabriel Knight, a detective of the supernatural, is summoned to Munich to investigate a series of murders blamed on werewolves. The edge-of-your-seat tale unfolds to implicate the mad King Ludwig II, a lost Wagner opera, and Gabriel’s own dark past.

Shrewd thinking and paying attention to details are rewarded as players unravel clues while taking on the role of Gabriel and his partner, Grace Nakimura. Shot on location in Germany and the U.S. with more than 40 surprisingly talented actors, The Beast Within is possibly the most visually stunning, realistic adventure game to come out on CD this year. Even the photo on the box is enough to induce a minor heart palpitation.

INTERACTIVE CINEMA The rich, realistic movie-like look of The Beast Within came from shooting more than 1,000 backgrounds here and in Germany.

Endorfun Review

If you don't manage to tag the colored square before your time is up, you will receive a supportive message.

"You are good and you do good things. You don't have to please others. You deserve love, happiness and prosperity. You are free." These are some of the "Endoisms" you'll experience in this subliminal, nurturing demo by Time Warner Interactive.

The gameplay is simple. You move a cube around an arena, and your goal is to roll the cube over the colored square with the symbol inside of it. The trick is, you have to match the color of the square on the top of the cube when in rolls into the colored squares' spot.

That's not all there is to this unique title, though. Throughout the game you will be subjected to subliminal messages meant to make you feel better and believe in yourself. Stuart Smalley would love it...

You can use the mouse or the keyboard to move the cube, but it's easiest to use the keyboard. In this demo, only one type of game is available — Kaleidoscope. You can toggle music, sound effects, and animations through the Options menu. To reach the menu after gameplay has started, simply click with the left mouse button.

As you move further on in the game, the boards will change shape to pose more of a challenge. Also, colored squares that block your way will slowly appear. You can get rid of them the same way you vanish the target square — roll over them with the matching color on the top of the cube.

This game takes practice, and if you feel yourself getting frustrated, don't push it. The purpose of the game is, after all, to make you feel better about yourself.

Silent Steel Ad

I found an old ad for a cool game I used to play back in the day.

A rogue submarine, a traitorous plot, and they said the Cold War was over ...

"This all-video strategy adventure is the most advanced cinematic game ever released."